just because

tory resort ...is that a beaded seahorse top?...needs to be mine, and i am digging those platform, gold wedges..

all of the rikshaw gals were out to a fun margarita lunch and discussing tv shows. I was saying Homeland better start soon, i have nothing to watch but painful housewives ...then they referred me to the tv show on AMC The Killing....obsessed is not even a strong enough word for my addiction to this show. I couldn't turn it off. you HAVE to start with season 1, the acting is incredible and its so 
"who done it"
why did it take me so long to purchase the Cece ballet flats from Jcrew...they are so darn comfy and i like that i own blue suede shoes ..

Source: lolalina.com via Cheryl on Pinterest

i think i need a fuzzy little stool...

and this icebucket

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