new year, new me....?

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happy new year!
this time of year we are flooded with resolution lists, new ways to change bad habits and become a healthier & happier you. and yes i am such a sucker for the "new year, New ME" mantra, its nice to have a clean slate and start fresh! (gimmicky some say...but i find it motivating)
I have already downloaded apps to track calories, looking into some cardio classes..and researching pedometers and new workout sneaks.
I would like to plan better this year, why wait? (because i am a serious procrastinator) but living with someone who isn't makes me want to plan my year out commit and book trips now.
I went through my recipe binder and threw out all the fattening ones and organized the healthier recipes--no excuses lots of of healthy options to inspire tasty eating.
I would like to tackle some projects at the house (organize garage, sell crap, complete the living room-so it makes me happy everytime i come home, create a better dog leash station, install some lighting)

I like some of the resolutions above like:
-host a dinner party
-build something
-enjoy a night on the town all dressed up..seriously I live so close to SF why am i not doing this once a month?
-remember birthdays (this is impossible for me..seriously i forget my mom's! i am TERRIBLE with dates which is probably why i am bad with booking trips)

Hope you had a nice holiday and are ready for the new year ahead....onward and upward people!

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