rikshaw around town

how much do i love the Rapunzel's Closet team!
their store is in Palm Beach Florida, and did a photo shoot for their blog..i adore how they styled the Rikshaw line...very boho! above is our Jharna camp shirt in violet one of my fav's!

(is it me or at first glance she resembles Rachel Zoe? must be the sunglasses--anyone watching this season? the germiphobe, hovering mom in 7" heels makes me cringe..put on some flip flops and let Sky eat a crayon!)

loving our yellow tuxedo with turquoise!!

the rest of the images are from our wonderful trunk shows happening all over.
we post details on our Facebook page, so be sure to follow and add us to your news feed

everyone got so creative!

 all wearing rikshaw!! so chic!

eeek i am too cute in my yellow anchor hat!

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