By rikshaw design on 2013-04-05

hi to whomever is still checking this blog...
i have found it really hard to get over here to chat with you lately. makes me sad that i dont have the time to check in more often.
life has been busy, went back home for easter had a trunk show, hung with my nieces and nephews-they are getting too big!, went bowling, drank too much, ate yummy southern food..gained weight!, didnt sleep great, bonded with the fam.
now back home and work is busy busy---i think springtime is almost here to stay. i attempted to try running the other day ---feels good to sweat like that, but i cant get the breathing down!

this weekend will involve pulling some weeds, eating some snap peas from our garden, attempting to run again -ugh, do some yoga, make a veggie lasagna for a friend...

here are random thoughts that are swirling in my head:

thinking about the summer veggies to plant

a long skirt with a tee is necessary this season

need this on a gallery wall i am working on

kitchen inspiration: dark cabinets, brass hardware, awesome tile
images from here

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