shop talk

loving our new home page, its a fresh start on a new month!
every now and then i have time to read the comments from our customers on their orders, here is one we got today, it made my day...and great suggestion on the booti in green-will do that for sure!

"Absolutely love love love love rikshaw designs...i search the internet high and low for the cutest kid clothes...and i am so grateful for your business!!!!' 
thank you a billion!! please make more tuxedo style kurtas for girls. ..we have both and they are perfect for my 2 year old.....booti print in green would be adorable!! xoxo"

sometimes i feel smothered by all the social media and its so nice to engage with our fans whether its through comments on an order, comments on the blog (thanks kit!) reminds me that there is a pulse out there..

have a great day..(supposed to get to 75 today whoohoo)

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