change in the bedroom

i like to think i know a thing or two about here is the deal, a new mattress has been purchased (remember i blogged about it here) --holy $$$

wow this has been a process, its like buying a car. now that the mattress has been purchased..we need a platform frame...enter.. no clue?! my bed now is very deep mattress+ boxspring with headboard--but i am debatting a change from the marshmellow look and possibly go more modern?

i am all over the map..and need your help, need to know where to find? any thoughts?
i am over thinking...

i didn't think i wanted low to ground..but then i looked up on my bulletin board and there is Ione Skye's amazing bedroom from Domino ...anyone know where to get something like this?

pretty..does anyone know where this is from?

if my room was bigger and taller ceilings...this 4 poster is a beauty

love this all upholstered linen look..very beachy and perfect!

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